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Narcissism, in human psychology is the pattern of thinking and behaving which involves infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of others. The narcissist has an unhealthily high self-esteem.

Nervous System

The nervous system of an animal coordinates the activity of the muscles, monitors the organs, constructs and processes input from the senses, and initiates actions. (see Central Nervous System).


A neurocognitive deficit is a reduction or impairment of cognitive function in one of these areas, but particularly when physical changes can be seen to have occurred in the brain, such as after neurological illness, mental illness, and drug use or brain injury.

Neuro-linguistic programming

The field of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was co-created by Richard Bandler, then an undergraduate psychology student, and John Grinder, then an Assistant Professor of linguistics at University of California, Santa Cruz. Between 1973-1979 they collaborated and further developed by "modeling" well-known gestalt therapist Fritz Perls.


The term neurosis was coined by the Scottish doctor, William Cullen in 1769 to refer to disorders of sense and motion caused by a general affection of the nervous system.


Nicaragua is a republic in Central America. It is the largest Central American nation but the least densely populated. It is bordered on the north by Honduras and on south by Costa Rica.

Nicaraguan Sign Language

Nicaraguan Sign Language (or ISN, Idioma de Seas de Nicaragua) is a sign language developed in isolation from other sign languages in the 1970s in Nicaragua. It was developed when the Sandinista government created a school for deaf children in Nicaragua (there had previously been no such public institution).