Aristotle was a Greek philosopher was born during 384 BC. He was considered as the most influential philosopher in the western. Aristotle, who was the great philosopher, wrote many books related to poetry, zoology, government and biology.

Aristotle is the famous figure in the history that is well versed in the entire subject during his time. He studied everything related to science such as geology, meteorology, physics and zoology. He wrote books on politics, psychology, theology, aesthetics, and metaphysics.

His study on subjects extended with education regarding to foreign customs, literature and poetry. His work also combined practically with encyclopedia of Greek knowledge.

Plato, who is the famous philosopher inspired by the books of Aristotle wrote philosophical dialogues and arguments in the form of conversation and finally wrote justice and practical ethics, reason, knowledge and human life.

Aristotle, by contrast, placed much more value on information gain from the mind and would correspondingly be better classed among new empiricists.