All about the positive effects of Motivation

Motivation is the best tool to bring out the talent of the person. Several theories were proved that the positive motivation is a very best psychological approach ever and this positive motivation involves various procedures to proceed with. And delay in motivation and rewards may make the person to dislike the task and they can be affected mentally. So, whatever the task may be but the person as to be motivated frequently either by giving rewards or at least giving applause on right time is very important. But there are various problems arising if the people didn’t get properly monitored.

The major area of disagreement between the researchers arises with the term named as “performance-contingent” reward. This reward is purely given for the person who has completed the given task on time and the task should meet with certain qualities. But the problem arises when there are some conflicts in the quality of the task and when there is more expectation. If the person is properly motivated with the help of psychology concepts then we can easily reduce the conflicts arising between rewarded and unrewarded persons.

And also over motivation cause some drawbacks among the people because the level of confidence among the employees must be constant. If the over confidence occurs then it will make them to treat others rude. So always the superiors have to consider many things before motivating. Because sometimes motivating the wrong persons can create some negative outputs too.

In psychology motivation plays a major role. Generally there are three types of motivation. They are,

  • Internal motivation
  • External motivation
  • Incentive motivation

Internal motivation is nothing but the person is motivating himself in order to achieve her/his goals and to meet their vision. This method can also be called as “Self-Motivation”. External motivation is the concept of getting motivated from the outer source (i.e.) from the superiors, seniors, elders, etc. The incentive motivation will generally happen in the work place. Instead of rewards, the employees will be getting some performance appraisal or some form of incentives. In the history of human psychology, motivation plays a valuable role to enhance the values of human beings.

Merits of Motivation:

With the help of motivation,

  • Personality of the person can be made into a proper shape.
  • You can enhance your growth personally as well as professionally.
  • You can build a healthy friend’s circle.
  • Your dreaming and achieving power will be increased to a greater level.
  • Your life will be more meaningful and healthy.
  • Your positive attitude, self-confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced.
  • You can convert your life from an ordinary to an extra-ordinary level.