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Economic Psychology (Behavioral finance)

Behavioral finance and behavioral economics are closely related fields which apply scientific research on human and social cognitive and emotional biases to better understand economic decisions and how they affect market prices, returns and the allocation of resources.


In Freud's view the Ego stands in between the Id and the Superego to balance our primitive needs and our moral beliefs and taboos.("Ego" means "I" in Latin; the original German word Freud applied was "Ich".)

Electra complex

The Electra complex is an ambiguous psychiatric concept which attempts to explain the maturation of the human female. It is said to be the female counterpart to the Oedipus complex in males. Its name comes from the Greek myth of Electra who sought to avenge the murder of her father Agamemnon.

Eliminative materialism

In the philosophy of mind, eliminative materialism is the school of thought that argues for an absolute version of materialism and physicalism with respect to mental entities and mental vocabulary.


The word emotion is a composite formed from two Latin words. ex/out, outward + motio/movement,action,gesture. This classical formation refers to the immediate nature of emotion as experienced by all, indeed living organisms.


Ethology is the scientific study of animal behaviour considered as a branch of zoology. A scientist who practises ethology is called an ethologist.


The terms Introvert and Extrovert (spelled Extravert by Carl Jung), were originally employed by Sigmund Freud and given significant amplification later by Jung. The terms refer to "attitudes" and show how a person orients and receives their energy.