The idea behind the health psychology is to promote health and to increase the effectiveness of the health care. Many of the health psychologists are working in order to reduce smoking and developing in intake of healthy nutrition's daily to pave the growth of health care and to prevent illness.

Health psychology is mainly concerned with many factors such as economic, cultural community and also in life style factors that provide growth. Health psychology also gives a way to prevent illness and the campaign have targeted to the use of tobacco since it cause many illness.


Improves the doctor-patient communication:

The health psychology mainly centered in two ways in improving the doctor-patient communication. They are doctor centered and patient centered. In the doctor centered, the patient need to listen to the doctor and decision is centered to the doctor. In patient centered, the doctor listen to the patient and the decision is fully depends on the patients words.

Improves adherence to medical advice:

Many people who are ill forget to take medicine in correct time. Since those medicine are costly ant they waste million of money. Inspite of wasting it may help other peoples in many ways. It is difficult to measure the estimated adherence, however this can be improved by tailoring treatment programs to a individuals daily.

Some of the ways to measure adherence:

There are number of ways to measure the patients' adherence to medical regimens through the health psychology. They are
•  Inspite of having problem with privacy, counting the number of pills in the bottle.
•  Asking the doctor, although this presents problems on doctor-patient confidentiality.

Managing pains:

Managing has helped make progress in this area. Health psychologists are finding way for treatments to reduce the pain. Since it is very much problematic in measuring and describing pain there is the development of the McGill Pain Questionnaire in this area.


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