Modern Psychology

Modern Psychology is the enhancement study of psychology and it is the beautiful study which helps us to understand the mind of human beings and animals and to interact with their environment in a better way. It involves various psychological concepts like learning, motivating, personality, interactions between individuals, etc.

Learning is the process which helps us to read the mind of living beings and to understand their world to help them to bring solutions for their problem by themselves. Motivating is the best technique to boost up the minds of human beings. Regular motivation will surely leads the people to move forward. But sometimes there are chances to lead the people towards negative growth because of over motivation. Because, there are people who misuse the motivation like by dominating others, taking over advantages, etc. So whether it is a positive or negative motivation, the people as to understand properly.

In modern psychology, personality and interactions between individuals are the next concepts which help to learn the individual behavior and how they are handling the situations. In psychology personality defines the behavior patterns and an individual emotion towards the particular situation.

Various Perspectives of Modern Psychology:

  • Biological perspective
  • Behavioral perspective
  • Cognitive perspective
  • Cross-cultural perspective
  • Evolutionary perspective
  • Humanistic perspective
  • Psychodynamic perspective