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Radical behaviorism

Radical behaviorism is the philosophy that underlies the approach to psychology known as the experimental analysis of behavior, and is a model developed by B. F. Skinner.


Albert Ellis developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), a brief, direct, and solution-oriented therapy which focuses on resolving specific problems facing a troubled individual. REBT is the first form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.


Reasoning is the act of using reason to derive a conclusion from certain premises. There are two main methods to reach a conclusion. One is deductive reasoning, in which given true premises, the conclusion must follow (the conclusion cannot be false).


In operant conditioning, reinforcement is any change in an animal's surroundings that (a) occurs after the animal behaves in a given way, (b) seems to make that behavior re-occur more often in the future and (c) that reoccurence of behavior must be the result of the change.


Repression refers to the memory inhibition which is the ability to filter out the irrelevent information from the memory for recalling.

Psychological research methods

Many psychological research methods are available to make the experimant very simple like Laboratory experimentation, correlational research, observational study, qualitative study, computer simulation.