The characteristic of people in Taurus are hardness, sensibleness, great determination and strength of will - no one will ever force them, but they will keenly and faithfully follow a leader they have faith on. They are steady, balanced, traditionalist, honest citizens and lovers of tranquility, possessing every best qualities of the bourgeoisie. As they have a sense of material standards and bodily possessions, admiration for property and a dreadfulness of falling into money owing, they will do everything in their authority to preserve the safety measures of the position quo and to some extent hostile to adjust.

Negative Qualities

Self-Indulgent, Lazy, Stubborn, Prejudiced, some degree of within Outlook, Course, and Possessive


Practical, Artistic, Stable, Trustworthy, Generous, Humane, Loyal, Self-Indulgent, Lazy, Stubborn, Prejudiced, Limited In Outlook, Course, and Possessive.

Lucky Day: Friday, Monday

Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

Lucky Color: Blue, Blue-Green

Lucky Stone(s): Turquoise.

Lucky Talisman: The Spade

Positive Qualities:Practical, Artistic, Stable, Trustworthy, Generous, Humane and Loyal