Social Psychology is the type of psychology which uses the scientific methods to understand the relation between the thought, feelings, behavior which is influenced by the actual or by other human beings.

Social Psychology has the wide range of social topics which includes the group behavior, social perception, leadership, aggression and prejudice. Social psychology is not looking things happening socially it's the social interaction and the social behavior.

Relation with the other fields:

Social psychology has the wide varieties of interrelated topics with other form of social science and such mainly includes

  • Sociology
  • Psychology


The Sociology is the study of group behaviour which includes the structures of societies and the social influence.


The Psychology is the study of psychological processes that are responsible for the behaviors and the thought. The example of the psychological process includes perception, personality, identity, warfare, being hungry, waking up, love, etc.

Topics within Social Psychology

  • Persuasion
  • The Bystander Effect
  • Love and Attraction


Many of the social psychologist started to study about persuasion because it is the omnipresent component of our lives and it is easy to see how we are influenced by the others.

Due to this influence the persuasion technique has been studied in the ancient times but the social psychologist started this study formally only in the 20 Th centuries. The main goal or the aim of persuasion the new things as the part of social belief.

The Bystander Effect:

The Bystander effect states to the fact that when a great number of people present in the place only the fewer people will help a person in distress.

There are two major factors that have a say to the bystander effect. First, the existence of other people creates a diffusion of task or responsibility .

The second reason is the need to behave in exact and socially acceptable ways .

Love and attraction:

Love and attraction play an important role in interpersonal relationships