Key concepts in psychology determine the behavior of human and non-human personality. Many scholars have proposed theory regarding psychology but the concepts in psychology shows the impact and explains the degree of organic factors which basically controls the environmental and eco-friendly factors to explore better ideas in psychology.


Human behavior is more complicated and manipulates every span of life. Psychology involves and tries to unload the mental complexity from human personality. Mental processes starts when they investigate the approaches in psychology. Therapists ask questions regarding the behavior around the environment as physical and mental within the brain so it manipulates and contributes to different behaviors.


Individuals differ from personality, intelligence, and motivation. The integral role of psychology explains and explores how the bearing of humans as individual; communicates with others and how they develop their uniqueness.


The word "personality" defines as the behavior of persons depending upon a set of habitual behaviors, cognitive and emotional patterns that derives from organic and environmental factors. Many psychologists introduced number of theories based on personality that how and why different personality attributes arise.


Motivation is all about values and rewards. Theories in psychology explores about the result and response of motivation in human behaviors.


Intelligence plays an important role in psychology concepts and it is widely used among all these above concepts. Therapists think and absorb that each varies from different aspects of intelligence. Some think that intelligence is single, general ability while others believe it encloses wide range of talents, skills, and appetite.


Mind and behavior changes according to our situations. Psychologists enquire both psychal and egoistic attitudes so it results that it gets influence from others. Social psychology describes in detail about group behavior that how they react and rule according to social roles and respect a person in authority. Social psychology also describes about the culture and shape of roles in our social world and behavior that helps in emergency situations.