Psychology is known to be the study of human behavior to various situations and the emotions that occur as a result of those situations. As a result of this interest the study of psychology was born. Freud developed has been used by countless psychologists of today.

  • It is most likely that when you are reading about the ideas that these famous psychologists have written about or documented, you will see some parallels to occurrences in your life.
  • This information does not mean that you are suffering from the same problems as the people who have been documented as case studies, it merely highlights that human behavior has not changed that much over the years.
  • For this reason the present day psychologist will be able to use the observations that a famous psychologist has given and be assured that their assumptions for certain situations will be correct.
  • Likewise they can use the knowledge that has been given by a famous psychologist like Freud as a guide to further understanding the human behavior and psyche.

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