The Astrology issue in today's world is subjected not only by the environment factors and hereditary factors but also by the solar system right from the birth. The planets in the solar system consist of all basic things like life factors, the life where we live with all needed substances. The planetary forces occur in different forms which depend on the position of solar system and the way they relate to one another.

Astrology has been existing for 3000 years and it is the one which came into existence before psychology. Astrology and psychology are both related to psyche. When astrology is considered there are different branches and schools of psychology. There are different approaches in astrology and each one follows either scientific approaches or other alternative concepts.

Astrology is merely imagination of nature which has direct relevance in everyday life. It is the study of human nature with the consideration of zodiacal birth sign. We don't pay equal attention for the positive and negative traits of the zodiac sign information. We apprise if we identify the positive traits in the characteristics of our sign and it became easy for us to accept. But it is not easy to accept the negative which is the weaknesses which can not be shared by all of us.

It is in the hands of each individual to determine the life course and the pathway to travel in the easier route. Astrology can only able to indicate or direct us to choose the pathway off the beaten track. The decision making is always ours and no matter what subtle influence the weather of the starry heavens.

The advantage of knowing all the zodiac signs with faults and virtues which broaden our nature of understanding and acknowledge the difference in human nature in the society. It is the sensitive exercise with the beneficial outcomes.

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