You Aquarians can be good communicators as long as you stay in the mental realms. Though of a friendly nature you can feel uncomfortable to express your thoughts. Your friends are very significant for you. Aquarians spirit is great, sometimes unpredictable and sometimes unbelievable. You must learn how to distinguish your crazy notions from what is imperative. This is not enough; you also need to learn how to react to the unfriendliness you face without making it hard for yourself.

Positive Qualities

Honest,Truth-seeker,amiable, probing, popular,broad-minded and creative.

Negative Qualities

Eccentric, Changing, hesitant and inefficient.

Lucky Day: Sunday and Saturday

Lucky Number: 4, 8, 13, 17, 26, 22

Lucky Color: Blue-green,Blue,Grey, Black.

Lucky Stone(s): Opal and Aquamarine

Lucky Talisman: The Key (lead) and the Owl