Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis is born on September 27, 1913 in Pennsylvania who is the psychologist who is the reason for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).This theory explains the individual's feelings and the personal beliefs. It is not the reality rather than our thought and ideas that are responsible for the causing the trouble. Modification of belief and thought into positive can able to bring improvement. The feeling and thought can be changed by choosing the different evaluations.Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is the origin and leads to the Cognitive behavior Therapy.

Personal Life:

Albert Ellis was Born to a Jewish parents in 1913.Among three children, he was the eldest and his brother was two years younger and had one sister who was four years younger.

During his early childhood his father showed only small amount of affection to him and to his younger ones. His was mostly away from home for business trips a fully interested on business ventures.

Ellis characterized about his mother in his autobiography as a woman with bi-polar effect. According to him, her mother was a Chatterbox who always talks and never listens to others. She always illustrates her great opinions on most subjects which she views.

Ellis mother too similar to his father who was emotionally far-away from children. She will be sleeping when they go to school and were not in home when they get back from school.

Ellis for this reason takes care of his brother and sister instead of feeling bitter. He brought alarm clock on his own money to wake up early morning and make them get ready.

Despite the emotional scantiness, his family had very little misery until the depression. It necessitated all three children seeking work to assist the family.

Albert was a delicate young man and during his early age of five he was hospitalized for a kidney ailment. He suffered a lot of health complication in his earlier stage of life. Totally he was hospitalized for more than seven times and his parent does not take care of him and the support from them is missing. His parents rarely visited and consoled him.

Ellis stated that he educated to confront his adversity as he had "developed a growing indifference to that carelessness " .

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