Psychopharmacology is the special study of psychoactive drug which acts upon the brain and affect it. The common fly which is known as Amanita Muscaria is the drug which is regarded first of having psychoactive properties. Wide range of chemicals and its major effects are studied in the modern psychopharmacology.


Psychoactive drug has a recorded history. The use of hallucinogenic drugs is favored by hunter-gatherer and it is used still in most of the surviving tribal cultures. The use of drug depends on the particular ecosystem and it is also found in growing wilds. The may includes mushrooms, cacti and other plants. These societies generally have spiritual importance to the use of drug and most often integrate with their religious practices.

After the break down of Neolithic and production of agriculture, the entheogens started to make use of natural by-product for farming. Some of the entheogens were opium, cannabis, and alcohol which were derived from cereals and from fruits. Many other societies started herblores, the list of herbs which is good for the physical and mental ailments

After the scientific revolution in Europe and America, the use of traditional herbal treatments have been stopped since they became favor of mainstream medical establishments but few people's uses and sustained with the traditional herbs. In 20 th century scientist started to reject the traditional herbs in medicine. The psychiatric drug is used for the treatments to restore mental health and this treatments is only been the part of European and American medical institution. More number of drugs was discovered and LSD became popular among psychiatrics as a mental miracle drug which is used to cure many problems.

In the later half of the 20th century, there made the research in two psychopharmacological drugs where the any new drugs are discovered, created and tested.