Introspective is the fourth album, the third of entirely new music, by the UK electronic music group Pet Shop Boys. It was first released in 1988.

Introspective is a dance album, like Disco, but unlike Disco, the songs are new, not remixes of old songs. It is so named because "all the songs, although it's a dance album, are introspective". Perhaps the biggest changes in Pet Shop Boys' sound evident on this album are an increasing attention to orchestration, but these changes would reach a peak later, with Very.

Introspective was rereleased in 2001 (as were most of the group's albums up to that point) as Instrospective/Further Listening 1988-1989. The rereleased version was not only digitally remastered but came with a second disc of B-sides and previously unreleased material from around the time of the album's original release.