Computers can be an ideal environment for promoting communication, sociabilility, creativity, and playfulness for individuals even at the extreme of the autistic spectrum. This is the opinion of the non-profit group Autism and Computing. They argue that the central feature of autism is attention-tunneling, or monotropism. Computers would afford an easy way of joining attention tunnels with minimal mutual discomfort, circumventing some of the most disabling features of autistic spectrum disorders. The potential for computer use in treating autism would not just be educational but therapeutic. The group presents both theory and practice on its website.

Gluten free casein free diet:

Dr. Karl Ludwig Reichelt claims to have found peptides from casein and gluten that worsen the symptoms of autistic children. The peptides are casomorphines and gluten exorphines, which influence the brain. According to Dr. Reichelt, significant improvement has been seen in the symptoms of some of his patients with autism on a diet that omits these peptides. Some physicians see diet as a central part of the treatment, but in addition use many other treatments at the same time. No clinical trials or studies have been undertaken to confirm the reported benefits of restricted diets.